August 2016: Wow its been a year. I'll start out slow. Sixteen new offices added in both Washington and Oregon. More to come......

July 2015: I have not forgotten about this site!  I have A LOT to add over the next few months.  Added 12 to Utah and 8 to Oregon with redesign.

December 2013: Chipping away at a back-log.  Added 37 new offices and one new state; Mississippi.  New offices to; Alabama (5), Maryland (8), Delaware (1), Mississippi (9), North Carolina (1), Arkansas (1), New Mexico (3), Illinois (5) and Texas (4). 

September 2013: Added 15 new offices, 9 to California, 2 to Colorado and 4 to Nevada.  Still have a backlog and trying to slowly migrate existing pages into the new format.

August 2013: How time flies, its been almost four years since an update due to other priorities.  I have a huge backlog to slowly chip away at.  I am also redesigning the webpage a bit, after some ten years needs a little work.  I have added 24 offices for the California region, Added a new Washington page with 41 offices and a new redesign.  Many THANKS to all the contributors that continue to submit.  I will get the offices up.  Thanks for all the support!

January 25, 2010: Over 30 new offices, added 26 to California including many to Los Angeles and updated all pics in that region.  Also added two new offices from Arkansas and five offices to Arizona.

September 26, 2009: Recovering from a computer crash, lots of updates: In California, new Palm Springs, Eastern Sierra and Sacramento pages, new LA offices as well total of 54 offices, redesigned the Nevada page and added 10 offices.  Arizona 15 new offices, 3 to Missouri, 2 to Arkansas and 3 to Kansas.  

March 15, 2009:  Updates including some general website maintenance,  added 22 offices to Arizona, started a new Oregon page with 7 offices, 3 to Kansas, 2 to Missouri, 1 to Arkansas and 1 to Illinois.

September 22, 2008.  Wow how time does fly!!  I am sorry for all those that have contributed and still don't have their pics up.  Please bare with me as I s...l...o...w...l...y update this page.  Considering other priorities in my life and this being just a historical, enthusiast page my goal is now to update at least quarterly if possible.  Please keep the contributions coming.....  So what was added in this long coming update?  10 new CO's from Kansas, 15 CO's to Missouri, 5 to Arkansas, 3 to Arizona and 2 to South Dakota.  Also changed the front page after having been on for five years...we'll see how that works.  Thanks again to all who keep this website alive.

October 5, 2007: Added 12 new offices: 7 to Missouri, 1 to Colorado, 3 to Arkansas and 1 to Oklahoma

May 5, 2007: Added 21 new offices: 3 to Calif, 1 to Nevada, 1 to Arizona, 3 to Arkansas and 16 to Missouri

January 1, 2007:  Added 11 new offices (quite a mix), 1 to Calif, 2 to Arizona, 1 to Nevada, 1 to Florida, 1 to South Dakota, 1 to Oklahoma, 1 to Canada and 3 to Missouri.

November 23, 2006:  Finally a little free time to do a much needed update.  Thanks for all the contributions, more are coming!  Added 5 CO to Illinois, 1 to South Dakota, 2 to Missouri, 1 to Arkansas, 4 to California (Central Valley page) and 5 to Michigan.

August 6, 2006:  Still trying to play catch up, added a new Alabama page with 6 CO's, new Colorado page with 4 CO's, added 5 offices to Arizona, 3 to Oklahoma, 2 to South Dakota and 1 to Canada.  Still have a major FL update to do.

May 29, 2006:  Moved to a new server, have a ton of backlog contributions, added 4 offices to Arkansas and 19 to Missouri.  More to come

January 15, 2006: Finally added a new page dedicated to the northern California Long-Lines system with many contributed pictures from the late 1970's.

January 9, 2006: Long over due updates:  Added two new states (PA and SD),  9 from Missouri, 4 from Arkansas and 8 from California...more coming.

October 15, 2005: The backlog remains, stay tuned for Indiana, Connecticut and Pennsylvania pages.  Added 11 new COs to the Los Angeles Verizon page, 1 to the Inland Empire page (California), new Canada office, updated Skagway, added 1 CO to Missouri.

September 19, 2005:  Added some very interesting Hurricane Katrina damage pictures (link on front page), added another Missouri office and 4 new Hawaii CO's from a contributor.  Still have about a 40 CO picture backlog, including new states of PA and OH.

September 15, 2005:  Added a new Arkansas page with 8 CO's and Bellsouth Katrina contributions.

September 3, 2005.  Starting in a long delay of updates..stay tuned (10 new from Missouri already added)

July 16, 2005: Added 5 new contributions to Virginia and 13 new office contributions from Missouri.  Planning to add new states next week: Arkansas, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

June 21, 2005: Added an additional 9 contributions from Missouri, including a few interesting ones retrofitted for earthquakes along the New Madrid fault zone! Check it out very interesting.

June 4, 2005:  Been busy with other things, so still trying to catch up.  Contributions added for the following: Missouri (12 new offices), North Carolina (1 new office) and Virginia (6 new offices).  Stay tuned for more (Another 11 from Los Angeles, hopefully this week)

March 28, 2005: Been a while, trying to catch up.  First in a series of updates: 15 new contributions; 10 Co from Missouri, 1 from New Mexico and 4 from Texas.

February 6, 2005: 12 new contributions for California CO's

January 26, 2005: New contributions for Monterey Bay (3) California and the Santa Rosa Tandem.

January 18, 2005: Added 40 new offices to Virginia, 1 to North Carolina and 4 to Washington DC.  Did some minor website maintenance.

January 7, 2005: 32 new CO's to California (Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara), new Florida Page, updates next week two new tandems, 2 AT&T toll offices, Washington DC and a bunch of VA/NC.  Stay tuned....

December 14, 2004.  Added Mojave detail page, one CO to San Francisco, 3 to Maryland, 9 to Virginia and 7 to North Carolina, Coronado construction picture in San Diego.

December 6, 2004: Added Point Arena Cable station pics, new CO from Alaska, 5 new Virginia offices added Dunnigan microwave site and a few others to the Northern California Microwave pages.  More to come......

November 16, 2004:  Added 49 new picture contributions from Virginia and redesigned that page.

October 27, 2004: Added contributions; Raleigh NC tandem office and New Brunswick to the NJ page.

October 26, 2004: Added two offices for Washington DC and a new guestbook on the front page.

October 20, 2004:  Added new Tucson AZ page with 6 new COs, a few Michigan offices, added AT&T Bakersfield, Tucson and Nashville Tandem offices.  New FAQ's, picture submission and mission statement links.

September 30, 2004: Removed some specific CO customer information at the request of a telecommunications company's corporate security department. (Note August 23 update).  This information was considered "sensitive" and I obliged with the request.  Stay tuned for new "Mission Statement" and other general web updates. Added 6 CO's from Virginia, 2 to Michigan 1 to New Jersey, a new Delaware and Georgia page.

September 28, 2004:  Added 8 new Tennessee CO's, 9 North Carolina CO's and 2 for the Imperial Valley in California.  Undertaking some minor site maintenance as well.

September 10, 2004: Added 7 new pictures of CO's in Virginia, 4 to Michigan and a new Salt Lake City Tandem page.

August 23, 2004:  The website has been contacted by a telecommunications company's corporate security department.  After a lengthy conversation regarding the purpose and intent of this website (historical and architectural), a specific site was mentioned that I agreed to remove from the pages in interest of security.  I will keep any other information of changes in my updates.  Added: Freehold, NJ, 8 VA offices and Dallas Tandem/Toll office.

August 4, 2004:  Had a bunch of contributions: added 20 new CO's to North Carolina page, 8 new to New Jersey, 2 to Texas and a few others.  More to come

July 11, 2004:  Added 15 new CO's to the Los Angeles page, a new San Jose/Santa Clara page with 2 CO's, added an AT&T Las Vegas site page and a interesting microwave drawing I found.

June 17, 2004:  Added 8 new CO's to Las Vegas (Completes the Las Vegas CO's) and 2 new CO's to the Detroit, Michigan page.

June 6, 2004:  Added 7 new CO's to the Inland Empire Page, Chico to the North Valley and a new Chicago CO.  Added Chico microwave tower to Northern MW sites and a few photos of the current Ranger site in Southern California.

May 3, 2004:  Added a new Texas page (2 COs), added a new North Dakota page (2 CO's) and CO to the Washington DC page.

April 24, 2004:  Added Fresno AT&T/Tandem, some more Michigan pics, 1 CO to New Mexico and Radio/CO info to some Michigan offices.

April 22, 2004:  Been a while since an update.  Added a bunch of pictures to the Detroit MI page (now on its own page)  Thanks to Mike in Detroit for his contributions.  Added a new Fresno Page for California CO's.  Added updated both Socal and Norcal Microwave pages with added photos and info.  Links updated as well.

February 6, 2004: Added Temblor Range, Mt. Adelaide and Richgrove detail page to Northern Microwave sites page.

January 25, 2004: Added new Central Valley page, 7 new COs to Los Angeles, 

January 18, 2004: 6 new COs, 2 in AZ, 1 in NJ and 3 in MI.  Added Southfield MI detail page.

January 7, 2004.  Finally added pics of the Wildfires in California.  Added new Bakersfield page with 11 pics.

January 5, 2004.  Added a new High Desert California page with 10 new COs.  Added more information/pictures on AT&T's San Bernardino Office.  Added Verizon San Bernardino-Main picture.

December 29, 2003: 4 CO contributions from southern New Jersey, new Buena Vista page in Northern Microwave sites section, added wildfire pictures from San Diego and Yuma AT&T site to southern microwave section.

December 1, 2003: Another CO from New Mexico, Added new Imperial Valley page in California and Lots of COs (14) from Arizona plus details on the AT&T toll office/Tandem in Phoenix.

November 23, 2003: New contributions: 1 CO from New Mexico and another from Detroit.  Added 12 new COs to the Orange County page including the really unique Anaheim Hills CO.

November 16, 2003: New contributions: 3 COs from San Francisco and 1 from Las Cruces, New Mexico

November 10, 2003: New contributions: 5 COs from the Detroit area and 1 from Missouri (new page).

November 5, 2003:  Added 8 COs from Minnesota (new) , 2 from New Mexico (new), 2 from Washington DC (new), 2 from Maryland and 1 to North Carolina.

October 30, 2003: Added two new pages (North Coast and Southern San Joaquin Valley) with two new COs.  Added a news header to the index.

October 27, 2003:  Added 5 new COs for the Monterey Bay region and new pics and detail for AT&T Newhall Junction. NEWHALL

October 13, 2003: Added Lodi, Stockton and Fremont Peak site to Northern California Microwave page.  Added Santa Cruz Greenwood and Stockton Main CO pics (Stockton on a new page NORTH VALLEY REGION)

October 9, 2003: Added more photos to northern California microwave sites.

October 6, 2003:  Added 6 new COs from Las Vegas and Paso Robles to the Central Coast, California page.  Added Quail Valley (Inland Empire Verizon) and 16 CO's from the Chicago, Illinois area.  Added Tehachapi Mountain to the Southern California Microwave site.

September 29: Added two new contributions: Roselle to New Jersey and Knoxville to a new Tennessee page.  New Hayward pic. in East Bay and Southfield microwave tower pic. under Michigan

September 28: 13 new COs from different states (New Maryland, North Carolina and Nevada page) added COs to Michigan and Arizona.  Added San Luis Obispo under new Central Coast link.

September 21, 2003: BIG Orange County update, added about 20 CO's both PB/SBC and Verizon.  Added new CO's from Canada Canadian Central Offices.  Add 5 new Michigan offices, new document link and 5 more Los Angeles CO's

September 16, 2003: BIG Los Angeles update added some 20 new CO's.  More to come.  Added a few microwave sites (Anaheim and Gardena) to the southern site.  Did some page rearranging and enhanced the index a bit.

August 11, 2003: BIG Inland Empire Updates.  Added 12 Verizon/GTE COs and 7 Pacific Bell/SBC COs.  Added a new page on Strawberry Peak Microwave and a new section for "Socal Mountain Resorts" COs. Added new state pages: Michigan, New Jersey and Oklahoma. Added Corona microwave site.

July 31, 2003: Lots of changes, reformatted some of the web pages (San Diego, microwave sites)  Added Redonda Mesa and Warner Springs to Socal Microwave pages (plus additional photo links), added AT&T 1987 map images on microwave main page.  Added new CO pics to San Diego (Fallbrook, Pala and Warner Springs) and Inland Empire page (Rancho Cal., Temecula and Murrieta).

July 4, 2003: Added new Virginia page under Other States showing some of the rural CO's in that state.  Added Julian to San Diego CO page.

June 27, 2003:    Added more images/info and second page to Southern California Microwave sites, added four CO's to San Diego page (Alpine, Campo, Jucumba and Pine Valley), added addition exchange info for San Diego.

June 17, 2003:    Webpage is up and running