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Central offices of Texas.  More to come......

SBC/AT&T Tandem Toll office in Dallas is here: Dallas Tandem Office

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Southwestern Bell/SBC Tandem office for the Austin region.  AT&T also collocates here for long distance services.



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SBC Remote Switch.  Still has the classic "Southwestern Bell" logo. Entrance has old metal plaques reading "Southwestern Bell Telephone Company).

Old Exchanges: HIllcrest 2



For more pictures and info on Dallas Main see: Dallas Tandem Office

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Original Southwestern Bell office.  Became SBC now AT&T.

Remote switch hosted by the Forth Worth "Edison" office.




This Southwestern Bell office is located in a residential area and is designed to blend in with the large two-story homes in the neighborhood.  It was a
step office that serviced the Army's Fort Bliss and the Air Force's Biggs Field in El Paso.    Ft. Bliss expanded and took over Biggs Field when the A.F. moved out.  They have their own C.O. now and are probably fed with just a fiber from the C.O. which passes traffic to the Main office in downtown El Paso.  

Old Exchanges:  LOgan 5 and 6  




Newer office similar architecture as El Paso "North" using the Bell system standardized building practices.




MST&T co building, expanded from a small stepper to ESS.  It was 584- and 589- I believe, 584- was the Texas area and 589- was in New Mexico.  However, in the late '50s and '60s there was no exchange in New Mexico any closer than Las Cruces 40 miles away.  When MST&T sold El Paso to SW Bell, the New Mexico lines were moved to the Anthony CDO and now to the Santa Teresa ESS.




Built by Southwestern Bell in the 1980s.




Built by Southwestern Bell to serve the lower valley area of El Paso.  

Old Exchanges: PRospect 2 and 7 

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Original Southwestern Bell office.  Became SBC now AT&T.

Remote switch hosted from the Alpine office.

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Midland "Mutual" is the main tandem and toll office for the Midland-Odessa region.  Originally a Southwestern Bell office, Midland "Mutual", became a Class 3 Primary Office in the 1960's with direct trunk groups to the Sweetwater Class 2 Sectional Office. AT&T installed a 4ESS toll switch in October 1983.


Original Southwestern Bell office.  Became SBC now AT&T.

Sweetwater was once considered a Sectional Office in the Direct Distance Dialing Network. Originally it was established as a Class 2 Sectional office in 1957, covering the western Texas region with connections to the Midland and Lubbock primary offices and final groups to the Dallas Class 1 Regional office.  Eventual Sweetwater hosted the Amarillo Primary Office in the 1960's, then was only host to Abilene by the late 1970's, yet remained classified as a Sectional Office.

One of the reasons Sweetwater was classified as such a "high" switching class, was it was located along the main El-Paso-Dallas Coaxial cable that extended west to Los Angeles.  From the 1960's to 1970's Sweeterwater had microwave service on one route, with a path to Pyron.



This is an old Mountain States building that has passed through a lot of hands and is now SBC.

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