thecentraloffice.com is dedicated to two primary objectives. First
the visual preservation and documentation of telephone central offices
(COs) in the U.S. and select countries. Second thecentraloffice.com seeks
to visually preserve and document various stations of the retired AT&T Long Lines
nationwide microwave network. Where applicable this second task is extended
to local telco sites used to interconnect into the aforementioned AT&T
Long Lines network.

    Where possible and applicable CO pictures are accompanied by brief
commentary on architectural features, office exchange history, office
ownership history and any anecdotal information. Similar remarks are also
applied to AT&T microwave sites featured on the site. Persons looking for
detailed technical information on the facilities featured here and
elsewhere are served by the websites of the FCC, NANPA, Telcodata.us and the
regulatory sections of the various telephone companies. At this time
detailed technical information is beyond the scope of this website.

    Questions and about the content and operation of this website,
thecentraloffice.com, should be directed to

    With that being said, we look forward to your comments and
submissions! Only 18,000 more offices to go.