Former AT&T Microwave/Long Lines Websites


Great website for California Microwave sites past and present:

New owner of a majority of the old AT&T microwave sites:

Chad Perkins site, great info on the Arizona and California L-3 system:

Daryl Gibson's site, great pictures and info on AT&Ts microwave sites:

One of the best sites on the net for AT&T history/microwave:

Great pictures of retired AT&T microwave sites in Texas:

THE yahoo group for cold war comms, AT&T Long Lines and historic telco info:


Telephone and Central Office websites

A sister site that is continuing the preservation of CO buildings:

Has to one of the best sites on the net for Bell Telephone system history!:

Great source of old CO equipment and information:

Great site for information on central office switches, data, etc:  

Telco/cellular towers with good information and pictures: